The prices of scrap copper depend on the type of scrap. Die-cast parts are considered to be the most looked-for getting up to 25 dollars every pound.

Copper Scrap from generators and/or electric motors are bought by metal salvage yards ranging up to 10 dollars every pound.

Number 1 wire can cost up to 2.50 dollars every pound.

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An understanding of the value that is being thrown away, industrial and automotive scrap have the ability to inform individuals and organizations that there is an upsurge in recycling activities of Copper.

Recycling helps with economic sustainability and also plays its part in preserving the environment. Recovered, reprocessed, and recycled metals could save hundreds to millions of dollars in industrialized and automotive manufacturing and will go beyond and above in the conservation of non-renewable resources.

We have been proudly contributing to the economy of the copper industry for many years, now. It just takes a little amount of effort to recycle these scrap metals and the results of it are far more rewarding than imagined.

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