Copper as a metal has a long life span. Copper was discovered around 9000 B.C. It is considered to be one of the first metals to be used by mankind.

Copper is regarded as one of the most valuable metals to recycle.
However, the quality of any copper scrap is the primary factor that determines the price. The grades range from copper #1 and #2 all the way to bare bright.

There is a wide variety in use for both tarnished and untarnished copper materials.

Untarnished copper is preferable and acts essential to maintain purity during the processing to ensure that products being produced out of them retain high conductivity.

The cables and water pipes that you may have purchased may still look and/or function just the same even after decades.

Some architectural products (e.g.roofing) may also exceed a life span of more than 100 years, therefore it is not a good idea to throw those materials and let them decay since landfills and dumpsites are very scattered.

Copper acts as a valuable piece of metal. Copper can be renewed again. It has been proven to save energy and natural reserves.

You’re surrounded by copper. It’s a part of literally everything! Right from your plumbing system to your phone. Copper is being used in a wide variety of applications because of its incredible versatility. We offer top-dollar prices for any unwanted copper material that you may have.

We have been proudly contributing to the economy of the copper industry for many years, now. It just takes a little amount of effort to recycle these scrap metals and the results of it are far more rewarding than imagined.

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